A new approach to Corporate Responsibility Training

What’s the basic grounding that the top level CR executives have that helps them to be so effective in driving change in their companies?

How could you get that same grounding in a way that is cost-effective, time effective and available to you when you need it wherever you are?

And how can you get this and, at the same time, become part of a network of people in exactly your situation who are all looking to help each other succeed and make their businesses more sustainable?

A new approach to online training

Getting to Grips with Corporate Responsibility is an online training course that has been put together by two of the most experienced figures in corporate responsibility, sharing between them over 25 years of working with companies and their CR teams to achieve real change.

Toby Webb of Stakeholder Intelligence (and Ethical Corporation) and Mallen Baker of Daisywheel Interactive (and Business Respect) have teamed together to provide an independent, critically rigorous overview of corporate responsibility. The course draws on practice by the leading companies in this field. It covers the key success factors that are globally relevant in a practical, no-nonsense way.

Put simply, this course will make you a better CR manager.


 As a new member to the CR community the course has been incredibly helpful in fleshing out my understanding of the core CR concepts!

Michael Chinchar Brooks Sports



What does it cover?

The eight modules are:

  • Introduction to CSR
  • The Business Case
  • CR and Sustainability Reporting
  • Supply chains, Environment and Human Rights
  • Reputation, Marketing and Communications
  • Business and NGOs
  • Employees and Internal Engagement
  • Making it Happen for your Business

Who’s it for?

The course is excellently suited for you if you are:

  • Someone keen to get into CR from another discipline
  • A CR manager in an emerging market who wants to understand best practice from around the world
  • A junior CR executive, keen to move to the next level
  • An executive that has been tasked with this area who wants to understand it and execute it properly
  • A senior executive who wants to see if there’s something they’ve missed
  • A head of CR looking for something effective to put the rest of the team onto to challenge them and push their understanding further

What is it?

The course is made up of 8 modules covering the full range of issues and activity of corporate responsibility. Each module is made up of video lectures, broken up into small chapters, which enables you to watch at the time that is convenient for you. Each module will include an assignment designed to get you to engage actively with the topic. 

When does it happen?

As soon as you register, you are able to begin working on the course within minutes! New material is released every week from the point when you join.

Ready to register? Register online now!


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